What are the major differences between wakefit mattress and other brands?

With the Indian mattress industry bombarded by several reputed brands, the task of buying a mattress has become too tiresome. There was a time when it was mainly into the hands of a few corporate houses along with many unorganised players. But the arena is not similar anymore especially with the upsurge of the Internet and online shopping. So, before you decide, you should find out the best mattress brand in India to rely on.

Considering the modern needs and radical shift in people’s lifestyle, many companies are trying to re-evaluate their production process. But a next-generation company that succeeded in bringing a change in this sphere since its very inception is Wakefit. With a team of brilliant workforce, they are in a constant pursuit to leverage on game-changing technology. And because of this, they brought the most innovative memory foam mattress that hosts a range of unique features.

Now, before we dive further into features of Wakefit mattresses and its market alternatives, there are few things to consider. Having a fair outlook of the parameters on which you should compare all the options is important.


The first and foremost thing to look for is optimum support which ensures sound health of your spine alignment.


Comfort must be an inherent attribute in the best mattress online. Without it, it is simply not possible for you to enjoy a peaceful sleep.


Always choose a mattress that has the ability to adapt as per your body temperature, is breathable and does not produce heat of its own.


Look for a king size mattress with a good gauge and density to ensure sound durability.


Buying a mattress with a cover which is washable or removable is always important to ensure hygiene.

Now, let us discuss the product specifics of Wakefit offerings along with its competitors to find out the best mattress brand in India.

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress can occupy a king-sized bed due to its huge size (78 X 72 X 8 inches). With a weight of 37.3 kgs, it enjoys wide acceptance as a stable mattress as well. Being built by using supreme-quality polyurethane foam, the memory foam mattress enjoys great popularity as the softest mattress in the market.

orthopaedic memory foam mattress

The main attribute that differentiates it from others is its ability to adapt as per the contours of your body. This further helps it in offering constant support to every part of your body. By evenly distributing your body weight across its large area, it helps you avoid any type of blood clots.

As the best mattress online, it greatly helps in improving your sleeping position by realigning the hips and spine. While offering huge breathability, comfort and support, it also equips customers with proper hygiene as it is made by using high quality GSM spun polyester fabric.

Furthermore, it comes with a warranty period of ten years and thus, serves as a long-lasting option as well.

Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress

Emma Original, popularly known as the best mattress brand in Europe, is the newest entry in Indian market. These mattresses offer appropriate support and body alignment because of the layers of HRX foam and Visco-Elastic memory foam. It also uses ‘Airgocell’ open cell technology to maintain proper breathability and temperature control.

Being made of 100% organic, vegan and non-harmful materials, it gains a competitive edge as the most eco-friendly option. To add on, it also comes with a 20-year warranty period for its customers.

Sleepyhead 3-layered Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead memory foam mattresses come with an extremely firm base along with a breathable layer on its top. It ensures a great deal of comfort and support and is very soft as well. With the perfect bounce, it doesn’t create any disturbance for your partner’s sleep even when you toss and turn around. Guarded by a washable exterior, it takes care of the hygiene quotient a well.

Being 100% India-made, these mattresses come with a manufacturer warranty of 10 years.

SleepX Dual Mattress

With a weight of just around 11 kgs, it enjoys a great deal of popularity as the lightest mattress available in India. It allows you to flip as per your requirement of a hard or soft bed and thus, can cater varied customer needs.

The soft side can satisfy comfort lovers whereas the hard side ensures proper spine alignment. With a 45mm high resilience foam layer, it features an appropriate level of firmness. Moreover, the 60mm re-bonded layer of foam serves to the flexibility needs of many sleepers as well. It is an all-weather mattress because you can use the soft foam for summer months and firm side for the chilly winters.

SleepyCat Latex 7-inch 100% Organic Latex mattress

This massive king size mattress offers a unique experience altogether by allowing you to sink into it. Being made of 100% latex, it offers brilliant support to your body and is cold in nature. With a seven-zone design and anti-skid base, it comes with the ability to bear your body weight comfortably. With the cover having minute perforations all over, it also reflects a high level of breathability as well.

Mattress types

These were the top-rated options ruling the Indian mattress industry so far. So, having an in-depth understanding of their product specifications would certainly help you to choose the best mattress online indeed.

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