Which is the best dual sided online mattress

A mattress type that is making quite a splash in the market is the dual comfort mattress. These mattresses, in case you are not familiar, have two different choices of firmness. While one side of these mattresses is medium-hard, the other side is medium soft. As a result, you get to pick which side suits your requirements best. Say you require more support for your back. In such a case, you should go to the medium-hard side. However, to get a cosy sleeping experience, the medium soft side is a better bet. A dual sided online mattress, therefore, will give you both these options of a soft mattress and a hard mattress in the same sleep product. 

Let us now look at which is the best dual sided mattress available online. 

Best dual sided online mattress

  1. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress 
Dual Comfort mattress

Wakefit is currently one of the leading online mattress brands in India. Their Dual Comfort mattress is one of their most loved sleep products. The mattress’ soft side gives the sleeper the experience of sleeping on a cloud, while the medium-hard side ensures that the sleeper’s body gets maximum support.

The mattress also has a weather-related advantage. While the hard side works best for the winter season, the soft side lulls you to sleep in no time during summers.

The dual comfort mattress from Wakefit makes a great investment not only in the master bedroom, but also in the guest bedroom. Your guests will have different sleeping requirements and preferences. Investing in a dual firmness mattress means offering your guests a choice of firmness which they will obviously appreciate. 

The mattress comes with a manufacturer warranty of 7 years and 100 nights of risk-free trial. 

  1. SleepX Dual Mattress 

The SleepX Dual Mattress consists of a high density hard foam mainly, while the top layer is memory foam. It is upholstered with premium fabric. The air mesh fabric ensures that the mattress breathes even in the hottest months of Indian Summer. The mattress is delivered in a pre-assembled way. 

The manufacturer’s offer a warranty of 3 years on this sleep product.

  1. Shiny Sleep Dual Comfort Mattress 

The Dual Comfort Mattress from Shiny Sleep is made of soft foam as well as bonded foam. While the bonded foam ensures that your body is given the right support during sleep, the soft foam tries to ensure a comfortable sleeping experience. The mattress can, however, be painful for older people as it is too hard for them to sleep on.

The brand prides itself on its durability and suggests that the heavy quilting and taping helps ensure a long life of the mattress. However, the mattress is not box packed and that can cause hassle in delivery. 

The mattress offers a warranty of 3 years. 

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