Why a Mattress bed is more than just a Furniture

Q: What is an activity that you do every day in your life since you were born without a fail?

A: Sleeping

On average we sleep around 8 hours a day. That is equal to ⅓ rd of our life, which is approximately 20-30 years. The items which assist you in sleeping are a bed, a pillow and a mattress. While you directly come into contact with your mattress and pillow, the bed helps you sleep indirectly via a mattress and a pillow.

Pillow being an inexpensive product can be purchased and replaced multiple times but a mattress, because it’s costlier(approximately 5 to 10 times the price of a pillow), has to be a smart purchase. Purchasing a mattress is more like an investment that you do to ensure comfort and ease while you sleep for around 20-30 years.

While we were researching mattress solutions online we had a few criteria on our mind to ensure we find the best mattresses available in the market.

Best ortho mattress
  1. Comfort: While there are a variety of mattresses available right now,  the mattress type which got our attention was Memory Foam Mattress. If you trace back history, it was initially developed by NASA (you heard it right !) to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. Later on because of its effectiveness it was adopted by the mattress manufacturing industries. We personally tried this mattress and other mattresses like choir mattress, spring mattress, latex mattresses etc and found the memory foam Mattress bed to be the most comfortable and ergonomic solution for our sleep and health. Memory foam is very impressionable takes the shape of our back and the rest of the body and helps in blood circulation. Thanks to players like Wakefit mattress we also have a layer in the mattresses which makes the mattress more breathable and therefore regulates its temperature to keep it cool.
  2. Cost-effective: In India, a good single size mattress can range anywhere from 4000 rupees to 10000 rupees. Similarly, an affordable king size mattress can cost you 8000 rupees to 15000 rupees. If the mattresses are priced below this range then it’s a red flag about the quality of the mattress. If the mattress is above this price range then you are probably looking at an overpriced mattress which isn’t giving you value for your money. To our surprise in the price front, relatively new players like Wakefit and Sunday mattress offer premium products at a budget-friendly price.
  3. Sizeable and happy customer base: This point although not absolutely necessary, still helped us weed out smaller players who were not established and first needed to prove their worth in Indian mattress market. Players like Wakefit and Emma mattress have served lakhs of customers since their inception and have thousands of 4 and 5-star reviews.
Mattress buying guide
  1. Guarantee: Some players like Wakefit Mattresses provided 10 years guarantee which in our opinion was more than what we were looking for. It should be noted that all the online mattress sellers provided at least 3 years of guarantee which shows how much faith they have on their product.
  2. Possible trial period: Having a trial period of 50+ days can actually help us figure out the quality and comfort fit of our mattress for our body types. Some of the sellers provided 100 days of trial. Because our body needs at least 50 days to acclimate to a new mattress, having a trial period was a very important factor in our search for the perfect mattress solution.
  3. Custom Size Availability: This factor is important in case you have a custom made bed for yourself. Having the freedom and flexibility to buy a mattress of your choice of size is an added advantage.

The company which could satisfy all of our criteria was Wakefit. Emma and Sunday mattresses were close seconds. Buying a mattress is not just shopping, it’s an investment. It’s an investment to secure your own sleep and the sleep of your loved ones. We ask you to do thorough research before you buy your mattress!

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