Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Buy Your Mattress Online

Buying a mattress is not an easy task. Buy one without conducting proper research, and you are inviting sleep problems like insomnia, spine disorder, back pain, pressured joints, etc.

Read this comprehensive mattress buying guide to be an expert in classifying mattresses and buy the best mattress online

Know the Mattress Comfort Layer

Mattress Comfort Layer

The comfort layer in a mattress is the upper layer on which we lie down. It is the layer just above the mattress core support layer. The density of a mattress comfort layer is dependent on its type.

1. Memory Foam

Memory foam is the most popular material for comfort layers. A memory foam layer distributes the weight evenly and suits both normal people as well as people with orthopaedic problems.

2. Latex

Many mattress manufacturers extract sap from rubber trees to make latex mattresses. In terms of comfort, it is as good as memory foam. But, when it comes to price, a latex mattress can burn a hole in your pocket.

3. Polyfoam

A polyfoam layer is cheaper than memory foam and may be as comfortable as memory foam. But, a memory foam mattress usually lasts longer than a polyfoam one. 

4. Innerspring

An innerspring coil mattress works well as long as it is functional. A few springs break, and you have to run from pillar to post to repair it.

Which Mattress Layer is the Best?

Without a doubt, a memory foam mattress layer is the best, as it is affordable, durable, stylish, and long-lasting.

Know the Mattress Size

You must know the different size specifications before venturing into the mattress world.

The size of a crib mattress is 27″x52″ and, for safety concerns, is firmer than an adult mattress.

The size of a Queen mattress is 60″x80″ and is one of the most popular types of mattresses sold by mattress manufacturers. A queen mattress can easily accommodate up to two adults.

The king mattress boasts of a 76″x80″ size and can accommodate two healthy adults, one child, and one pet. Buy a king mattress online and forget worrying about outgrowing the space ever.

king size mattress price
Know the Features of Your Mattress

Mattresses have become more modern than ever before. The most popular features are as follows:

1. Reversible Mattress

You may flip these mattresses as many times as you want, as the comfort level will always remain the same.

2. Zippable Cover

Although memory foam mattresses are dust resistant, a high-GSM mattress cover increases the lifespan of the mattress. 

3. Breathable Fabric

A mattress with breathable fabric repels odour and keeps the mattress fresh, even in summer months.

4. Cool Fit Foam

Mattresses with Cool Fit Foam stay cool even during hot summer months.


Make sure to understand your needs and research about the kind of mattress that would suit your requirements. Buying mattresses with so many options available can get overwhelming, which is why this blog will help guide you through mattress shopping

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