Choose The Best foam Mattress From These Top Brands

One of the most blissful things in the world is to get a good night’s sleep that rejuvenates and re-energizes your senses completely after a day full of toil! However, to ensure a relaxing retreat, the first and foremost requirement is a comfortable Best foam Mattress to sleep on. 

Here is a list of the best mattress brands in India to consider when making an online mattress purchase.

Best Mattress for 2020 in India

The best mattresses are those which let you start your day feeling refreshed after an extremely comfortable recess at night. Here are the best online mattress brands that ensure you both comfort and support.

1. Emma Original memory foam mattresses

Buying memory foam mattress online is just a click away now with Emma Original, Europe’s leading mattress-in-a-box company that has now spread its wings over the Indian market as well.

Emma Original has conquered the hearts of millions and has been tagged as one of the best online mattresses for 2020 for more reasons than one.

  • Its HRX foam and Viscoelastic memory foam layers ensure complete body alignment and support that assist in reducing body aches considerably.
  • Its Airgocell technology facilitates breathability and perfect temperature regulation.
  • The materials used in its making are organic and eco-friendly

2. Wakefit Orthopaedic memory foam mattress 

Wakefit mattresses are selling like hotcakes as they are amongst the top mattress companies that excel in manufacturing orthopaedic mattresses in India.

They come with a 10-year warranty and are well-known for providing excellent support to the back. What makes them a preferred choice for many across the globe are:

  • The medium-firm feel makes the mattress an excellent choice in the category of orthopaedic mattresses in India.
  • The premium quality quilted cotton fabric enhances its protection as well as appearance.
  • The high-density foam provides excellent back and neck support which in turn ensures a restful sleep.
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3. Dreamzee Memory foam mattresses

When buying a foam mattress online, you cannot afford to miss the mattresses manufactured by Dreamzee in India. These mattresses come with additional support on the edges to avoid sagging and promise a 5-year warranty.

  • Its excellent support features help maintain body posture.
  • The memory foam used to makes these mattresses are heat-sensitive, which in turn takes intense care of the spine.
  • The 2-inch Visco memory foam has been developed by NASA, and it gives a cradle-like feel.

4. Sleepycat-gel memory foam mattresses

Adorned with cooling crystals, the Sleepycat Gel memory foam mattresses are one-of-its-kind in the market that helps regulate your body temperature throughout the night. It adjusts amazingly well to the contours of the body. Its special features are:

  • The therapeutic gel layer distributes body weight evenly and maintains body temperature throughout the night
  • The high-density foam provides added durability, strength, and structure to the mattress.
  • The high GSM knitted fabric on the outer cover provides added comfort and flexibility.

5. Kurl-on Dream Sleep mattresses

Since 1962, Kurl-on has been ranked as the largest selling mattress brand in India. Their Dream Sleep collection of mattresses are a perfect blend of firmness and softness along with optimum support and comfort. What makes them one of the best mattresses for 2020 are:

  • Their springs are made of high-tensile Bonnel that can bear a heavy load.
  • The Thermo bond encasing prevents the mattress layers from rupturing.
  • The thick PU foam ensures comfortable sleep along with maximum sleeping surface.
  • The Kurlopedic technology provides the perfect alignment of the spine as it conforms conveniently to various sleeper body shapes. 

Final Take

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Whenever you decide to pick the most suitable mattress for your personal sanctuary, do not forget to go through the mattress buying guide before narrowing down your search window on any particular brand or product.

Also, visit www.wakefit.co to get detailed information on the best mattress brands available in India for online mattress purchase.

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