Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain? Get Your Sitting Position Correct!

Back pain is a very common problem that a lot of people face in the world. Reasons for back pain can vary from person to person. But, whatever the reason…

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memory foam mattress

How can a memory foam mattress help you sleep peacefully?

In the last few years, memory foam mattress has turned out to be one of the most reliable materials to manufacture a mattress. It has accounted for more than 20%…

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Best Mattress

The Best Mattress to be Delivered at your Doorstep

With so many choices in the market, buying the right kind of mattress for you and your family can get a bit daunting. There is something for everyone and so…

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wakefit mattress

What are the major differences between wakefit mattress and other brands?

With the Indian mattress industry bombarded by several reputed brands, the task of buying a mattress has become too tiresome. There was a time when it was mainly into the…

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Mattress Online

What To Look For When Purchasing Mattress Online?

We spend more time on our beds than any other furniture present inside the home. Beds are the source of relaxation and comfort for us. A good night’s sleep can…

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pillows online

Things to consider when you are buying memory foam pillows online

We need a few essential things in order to get the best sleep every night. A mattress and pillow are the two most important items that allow us to rest…

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online mattress

Which is the best dual sided online mattress

A mattress type that is making quite a splash in the market is the dual comfort mattress. These mattresses, in case you are not familiar, have two different choices of…

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best mattress to buy

Why a Mattress bed is more than just a Furniture

Q: What is an activity that you do every day in your life since you were born without a fail? A: Sleeping On average we sleep around 8 hours a…

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Dual sided mattress

Why a dual sided mattress is a good idea

Dual-sided or double-sided mattresses, as the name suggests, have fillings across both sides of the bed that ensures double comfort, extra support, and added quality to the user. It is…

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Choosing the Right mattress

Which material should be used when making a bed mattress -cotton or foam?

A mattress is really a very important item at your home. They help to deliver you a sound sleep and sleeping posture with great comfort. Using a good quality mattress…

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