Best Mattress In A Box- Yay or Nay?

We spend a third of our lives on our mattress. This itself speaks volumes about how important it is to make the right and Best Mattresses pick which is comfortable, supportive as well as long-lasting.

Over the past few years, there has been a sudden influx of mattress selling companies that have begun shipping king mattress in a box to the purchasers, when they order a mattress online. 

Under this concept, mattresses are sold in a ready-to-use form. This means a memory foam mattress is compressed, rolled, and shipped to the doorstep of the buyer who, on receiving the product, simply needs to unroll the mattress and wait for it to inflate. In no time, a ready-to-use bed with a comfortable mattress is in front of you to sleep on.

This new, innovative concept of a foam mattress in a box is gaining momentum and is likely to grow further in the coming years. 

Here is an analysis of whether or not it is convenient and productive to purchase mattresses in a box. 


1. Variety

Bed-in-a-box are made of memory foam, and hence there are various options to choose from and plenty of features to compare between different models.

Although they come under the medium firmness range, with slight variations, there are some with gel layers for added cooling or with copper-infused toppers for regulating the body temperature. Some other options, like the ortho mattress ones, provide adequate support and comfort as well.

2. Easy on the pocket 

Bed-in-a-box variants steal the show when it comes to cost savings. When compared to the traditional innerspring mattresses, foam mattresses in a box are much easier on the pocket, and they often run various offers, especially when you order a mattress online.

3. Convenient delivery options

Mattress-in-a-box option is only available when you buy a mattress online. This means you do not have to worry about transporting the mattress from the store to your house.

It is the responsibility of the website portal from where you make your purchase to get your goods delivered to your doorstep. Moreover, bed-in-a-box companies use special compression technology to reduce the size of the box to that of a small filing cabinet.

This reduces the weight as well as the cost of shipping which is mostly borne by the seller.

4. Risk-free trials

This bed-in-a-box option comes with a free-trial period which differs from company to company.

However, on average, the trial period ranges from anything between 75 to 101 days. If anytime, during this period, you feel that the mattress is not comfortable enough for you, you can return the mattress to the company along with a full refund.


There are certain disadvantages of buying foam-mattress-in-a-box which cannot be dismissed completely. Let us have a look at them.

  • This bed-in-a-box mattress concept does not provide you with the option to try or feel the mattress before purchasing it. Most experts recommend sleeping on a mattress for at least 10 minutes before shortlisting it. Even though the trial period offer stands valid with mattress-in-a-box, you still need to purchase it to avail it. 
  • Memory foam traps heat naturally and prevents air circulation. This means bed-in-a-box mattresses tend to make you sleep hotter.

Closing lines

Overall, foam mattress-in-a-box is an affordable option to get a comfortable bed to sleep on. However, do not forget to do your homework by comparing the available options and other policy factors before narrowing down your search window on it. 

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